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Reward points extra is your usual loyalty reward scheme with an added extra twist.

Register whilst ordering through the secure checkout and every pound you spend you receive 1 reward point. Reward points equate to 0.01p. So spend £75 and you can redeem 75 points on your next order on top of the 10% discount already added.

But wait, there's more. Because we want to give extra rewards to regular customers. Everyone will get the normal reward scheme benefits but everyone has the opportunity to get an extra bumper bonus of points. So how does this work.

After any order you make, if you make another order of £30 or more within a 6 month period then you will be eligble for a bumper bonus extra on top of the points you already earn from you order.
* £30-74 = 30 extra points
* £75-99 = 75 points extra
* £100+ = 100 points extra
* For every subsequent £100 spent earns a further 100 points extra

So for example. You order your first product for £40 and then 5 months later you make an order of £100. That's 40+100 points from your orders and a further 100 extra bonus points, giving you 240 points to redeem on your next order. Which incidently if you order within the following 6 months from this order will gain you another extra bonus.

All bumper extra bonus points will be added once your order is dispatched, so don't worry if they don't show up immediatly.

Points cannot be redeemed for cash and must be used when purchasing through the Battlefield Models website. These points are valid whilst Battlefield Models is active. We have the right to change the terms at anytime but will stand by any points accumilated at time of change for future discounts on our products within a 6 month period from change.